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ten do’s and dont’s of high school

i have a younger brother starting high school this month, so this one is for you, cody.

Do make friends by showing off your cool techdeck tricks. whip that bad boy out on the orientation table and let em know who the hell you are. i think this is the ultimate “y’all below me, sorry.

Don’t show your new lads your tik tok page. just because you got 73 likes on one of them doesn’t mean you’re a clout god. i really didn’t want to be the one who told you so, but here i am. telling you that it sucks please stop.

Do go up to a person you don’t know, shake their hand, and say “the job is done.” 

Don’t say “hi” say “HELLO???? HELLOOOOO???” right in their ear. tells them you need their attention now and you wait for no one cuz HELLO??? why would you wait for a basic bitch like that? exactly.

Do frown constantly. let them know you’re training your forehead to be upset constantly now.

Don’t show them your battery pack. yes you’re a robot but don’t let them know just yet… maybe wait till october.

Do show them pictures of your fish. then tell them that he made for a great sushi roll.

Don’t smile.

Do tell them to stream lover by taylor swift, coming out on august 23rd.

Don’t give them your lego set pieces. they finna set you up brother.

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i have made a mistake


i think i should start this off with one: i am SORRY. okay, now that i got that off my chest i do, in fact, feel better. i hope you all feel my energy radiating in the air on this fine sunny morning… well from where i am.

i made the mistake of trusting god and thinking he wasn’t gonna toss me around like a rag doll ever again…. life has thrown us around fellow bloggers and followers.. i will NOT tolerate it any longer.

listen, i get it more than anyone! life is hard! everything is hard! however, i figured, things would’ve been different by now you know. like i’ve been doing the same goddamn battle for way too long.

i’m sure all of you relate to this one way or another. whether it be taxes, school, your unfortunate kids, or being chased by gang leaders… everyone has hardships in life.

i ask for one day though. just one day where we all smile and eat sprinkle donuts together! literally sounds like SO much fun! yes kids can come as long as their younger then two and older then fifteen. anything in between that is the worst years.

i also figured by now, that i could openly post short stories without everyone being like hey ollie why are you doing that please talk about something else we don’t wanna see your short story weird ass. but NO! i cant! y’all made me sad and disappointed.

i wish i could run polls on here because i wanna see what YOU guys want to read from me. y’all want advice? life stories? tips? tricks? how to care for a fish without it dying/killing itself within the first twenty four hours? short stories? a full blown novel?

for the love of god please let me know.

i mean listen i LOVE all of you! you guys are awesome even though i have like twenty follows? twenty follows in which i’m grateful for… but goddamn let me know what you want to read from me PLEASE!

i guess that it’s for today.. i felt like blogging like the old times when it’s 1am and you’re kinda just like why am i existing?

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i went to chicago and met up with my internet friends for the first time

y’all want the visual representation instead? here’s the link to my video: dont forget to subscribe bro.

i met people i had never met before. it was fun. i had known these two girls for a year and a half now, meeting them felt like a weird fever dream. they were sweet and kind and i know now that they’re going to be my best friends forever and ever.

it was cool to explore the city with them. mostly getting lost and finding benches to sit down because damn we didn’t choose the right footwear for this. i also find it comical how big chicago really is. i mean sure the drone shots made it look small but jesus.

it was nice to tall to these people face to face. i held their hand and told them i love you and now over a tweet or a text. it was real. i had to often remind myself that you can, in fact, count your fingers right now, because this was real and it wasn’t a dream.

it was fun to say the least. i strongly empower you to make more friends out of that hometown you live in or just try to see the world a little differently. it’s quite unique and life changing knowing that there really is a much better and bigger world then that small hometown you wake up to every morning.

i know this was short but all of my emotions and sick shots of chicago are in that two minute video, i think you’ll like that much better then what i have to say. please please please check it out, like it, comment on it, subscribe, and share it with your own internet friends. thank you for reading. thank you diana and mikayla for being some of my best friends, can’t wait to see you again soon.


Comparing Wizards Unite and Pokémon Go

bro show me your pokédex RIGHT NOW. on god, if you don’t show me your bulbasaur right now… the wall is going to get it.

hey gang, welcome back to the blog. in today’s episode we’re going to be reaching out the the fellow gamers… some hype in the chat fellow gamers? (i am so sorry). if you didn’t know nitanic released a game called Wizards Unite. it’s a game for everyone and is available in over 100 countries. the game is in fact harry potter themed and its quite fun. if you know you read harry potter or watched any of the movies.

if you don’t know what nitanic is and probably asked yourself “like the titanic?”… it is a game company. however, it may sound familiar to some of you because nitanic is known for releasing the pop culture sensation of 2016: Pokémon Go. if you lived under a whole rock and you somehow don’t know what Pokémon Go is… its a game about catching pokémon in the real world. if you went to the park or the mall and you opened up the pokémon go app you would see a bunch of pokémon and other things alike all around you in the game/app. with the help of google maps and turning your location on in the app.

Pokémon go on the map:

Wizards Unite on the map:

Wizards Unite evokes the same idea. 

nitanic thought that pokémon was such a big hit for everyone, everywhere, that they could get the same hype back because its the same idea just for a different, but ginormous franchise like harry potter.

now in 2016, the idea of going out and catching fictional characters and magical animals is quite brilliant and amazing. people were active and wanting to go walking! they had their heads in their phones but everyone wanted to play something so genius because we had never seen something like this.

however, in today’s time of 2019… where is that same hype? don’t get me wrong A LOT of people are playing Wizards Unite. it just hasn’t hit that full blown i’m going to go nuts and get everything and ooh my gosh look its a magical creature! type vibe yet. maybe this will be more of a longevity game. 2016 was definitely the peak for Pokémon Go. nothing is wrong with that because the game is worth almost 3 billion dollars and still has over 150 million monthly users, but the hype has long been gone.

Wizards Unite and Pokémon Go are the exact same concept however, after playing both games for enjoyment and research purposes, Wizards Unite has a lot more going on.

In Wizards Unite, you can not only go and help harry potter and friends return people of hogwarts and monsters of the storyline, but you can brew potions, have battles with monsters and teaming up with your friends, you can pick your house, you wand, your title, your profession, and much more. for the opening week for the game with no major installment updates just yet, that’s pretty big and much more bigger than Pokémon had going on for the first few months. it’s exciting! instead of throwing pokéballs, you cast spells in a variety of shapes and movements that your finger would trace on the screen. that’s pretty smart because it gets people more excited to be better at a certain spell.

However, in Pokémon Go, it’s much more simpler. you have to leave your house… and catch the pokémon. that’s it. you can interact with other players just like Wizards Unite and you can enjoy the easy parts of the games. there is no real storyline per say, you just gotta catch em all! i think a lot of people liked the easiness of it. you can walk your dog and play easily without any problems, no tracing out spells, just flicking a ball at an oddly shaped animal that is so cute you might cry.

they both have the same thing going on, but i think the craze and fad of Pokémon Go was just… insane. when i played it back in 2016, it was crazy! i would talk to strangers while waiting to catch a pokémon or waiting for a pokéstop. you would as them how many they have in their pokédex or if they caught pikachu yet. everyone was friendly and cordial. that was an amazing summer.

so why hasn’t Wizards Unite evoked and recieved the same amount of hype?

i think there’s a few reasons. one of them being that if you haven’t read or watched harry potter, the game doesn’t really make any sense. for pokémon, you could have never even known what that was, but it was quick to figure out what you’re doing. harry potter is following a storyline in present time 2019, pokémon was whenever and wherever you just gotta catch em all. you didn’t really have to be a pokémon fan at all to enjoy the game and the hype.

another reason maybe, people got over the fad of leaving your house to play a game. some people either don’t want to be on their phones when they’re out with friends or strolling through the park. they want to enjoy their time. or they don’t want to go outside.

either way, both games are fun in their own respective way while maintaining the go outside and walk to catch me! i think if you liked Pokémon Go and you miss the game, redownload it because why should you let the internet dictate what you hate and love in pop culture. of you watched or read harry potter, Wizards Unite is fun and you should at least give it a try. down below are my friendship code for Wizards Unite and my code for Pokémon Go. you might as well add me if you decide to either download or redowload the games.


POKÉMON GO USERNAME: 5028 3993 3520

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happy summer angels

thinking about swinter from phineas and ferb. . . . .

happy summer!! i hope everyone’s summer, well if you get one, is going well! i love the summer. its the perfect season and it makes me all fuzzy and happy inside. this is also the first summer that i have this blog! i also have killer friends and two great dogs (corky and luna ❤). i assure you, i’m going to be making summer posts all the time for the next two months so. . . be ready i guess?

anyways, today’s post is going to be about summer music. summer is literally the perfect time to release music because everyone is in a good mood. i mean, 2017 and 2018 summer was pretty rough but. . . i would like to move forward in life.

this is frat boy ollie’s summer song recommendations of 2019!:

  1. ME! by taylor swift and brendon urie
  2. sweet creature by harry styles
  3. broken clocks by sza
  4. barbie tingz by nicki minaj
  5. childs play by drake
  6. 9 by drake
  7. too good by drake
  8. we cant stop by miley cyrus
  9. telephone by lady gaga
  10. formation by beyoncé
  11. hey there delilah by plain white t’s
  12. R.E.M by ariana grande
  13. you need to calm down by taylor swift
  14. wanna be missed by hayley kiyoko
  15. only angel by harry styles
  16. break your heart right back
  17. 3005 by childish gambino
  18. i kissed a girl by katy perry
  19. fallingwater by maggie rogers
  20. kiss it better by rihanna
  21. woo by rihanna
  22. love on the brain by rihanna
  23. wow by post malone
  24. look what you made me do by taylor swift
  25. blank space by taylor swift
  26. begin again by taylor swift
  27. nice by the carters
  28. off to to the races by lana del rey
  29. sanguine paradise by lil uzi vert
  30. girls / girls / boys by panic! at the disco
  31. truth hurts by lizzo
  32. he’ll never love you by hayley kiyoko
  33. doves in the wind by sza
  34. ARE WE STILL FRIENDS? by tyler, the creator
  35. i ain’t got time! by tyler, the creator
  36. let your heart hold fast by fort atlantic
  37. simple song by the shins
  38. toxic by britney spears
  39. roaring 20s by panic! at the disco
  40. diana by one direction
  41. tongue tied by grouplove
  42. the love club by lorde
  43. sparks fly by taylor swift
  44. first day of my life by bright eyes
  45. cardiac arrest by bad suns
  46. last kiss by taylor swift
  47. you are in love by taylor swift
  48. call it what you want by taylor swift
  49. swim good by frank ocean
  50. perfect places by lorde
  • this is my summer playlist/my summer song reccomendations! please enjoy it and listen because i love sharing music and aw im so soft right now. give me your music recs down below so i can add to my own playlist! enjoy muah i love you! i’ll leave the spotify link below!
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women? having a choice? less likely than you think

disclaimer: i make a mention of sexual abuse and gun violence in this so if those topics trigger you in any way do click off. if you dont click off please know that these are my opinions and views if you disagree go stream ME! by taylor swift because i love her!

this is also one big jumbled up rant in which i angrily type and express my irritation and displeasure. sorry if this is somewhat unorganized, still give it a read though. thank you.

we are literally regressing backwards. 

if you haven’t been keeping up or haven’t noticed at all, woman’s rights are about to be completely taken away from us. i cant stress how IMPORTANT this topic is to so many women.

it started with every person that holds some form of power being a straight white old male. it then proceeded into rape isn’t actually rape and finally went to well i just dont think women should be allowed a choice in life. 

what? i didn’t understand at first thinking to myself how could you say something so so vile? until i realized that men are trying to shut women up. these men think that the unborn embryo matters more than a women’s choice in life. that somehow, that one egg that was impregnated by a sperm matters more to humanity than someone who doesn’t want to be pregnant to begin with. somehow, that unborn embryo has influenced the minds of white men in power so much that women don’t get a choice with what they do with their bodies.

we are regressing backwards. we are going back in time where women aren’t allowed to vote and have an opinion. they are trying to shut us up and lock us away. these men are trying to tell us what we can and cant do with OUR bodies and you know what? that’s not okay. you arent the one with the child in the stomach and you wouldn’t be the one pumping it of your vagina so shut up!

i know a lot of women are scared right now, me too! however, we need to keep speaking up and trying to make a change. planned parenthood had made a list of things to do if you so happen to get pregnant and you want to have an abortion and ill put that right here:

i would also like to add that if you take away our choice of abortion, if you take away our choice of anything and control our bodies.. we will fight back. you are telling women tat they are murderers for killing an unborn fetus. you are telling women that they are murdering a child.

also telling women that they should go to jail for having an abortion is mind blowing to me considering it doesn’t matter to you. you also can’t tell a women who has had a miscarriage she deserves jail time because in no way, shape, or form is that her fault. some women who really do want to have children and have a miscarriage will be devastated and go to prison. how sick of a human being do you have to be to agree to that law/make that law?

IF the child is concieved it would go unloved and uncared for in a foster home. it would treat itself as a mistake to society. you care so much about these unborn children, yet once they are born, they are forgotten about and just another child in the world.

well until the child gets shot in a school because you wont ban guns. you wont take away a weapon that is killing kids all the time. you wont take away a weapon that takes away a child who was living a life, was loved and was wanted there. guns also kill adults, toddlers, babies, old people, dogs for godsakes.. but somehow WOMEN are the murderers? 

also that in some states where these new abortion laws are coming to light; a lgbt couple who would LOVE to adopt a child can’t because adopting agencies can turn down that opportunity.

you are denying women a choice, you are denying lgbt families of a child, you are denying a gun ban. what’s next? going to deny our right to vote?

if you don’t have a vagina dont say anything because i dont want to hear it. you arent the one pumping out the child and you are CERTAINLY NOT the one getting impregnanted. go to hell.

that’s all i had to say today. if you disagree i don’t care. if you agree high five let’s get these women’s rights baby.

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