one year later and i’m still a flop. i’m still mentally ill. i’m still dead inside. at least i have taylor swift on my side.

hello sexy asses i don’t know if you’ve noticed but i haven’t posted in the past three-ish months. the reason for that being: my laptop broke and it made me extremely sad.

however, here i am, back from the dead. i’m here to celebrate with YOU, my one year anniversary of me writing to you about everything and everyone i hate.

happy anniversary fratboyollie!

to think it’s been a year of this is quite strange. i remember texting my friend mikayla about starting a blog and she said no. so then i started a blog.

i remember writing my first corny ass post. i read it back now and i think. . .yeah. however, writing that first post was fun i know that much.

i also remeber y’all paying dust to one of my short stories. i liked that short story too. sure, the format was screwed up and i didn’t realize till after but hey! it’s the thought that counts. (it was also kinda hard to read, i didn’t even know the paragrphs were combining till i read it after. my mistake for trusting Word.)

writing here has become the highlight of my past year. yes, i forgot that you existed many, many, many times before. but you guys are my FRIENDS! writing on fratboyollie has been eventful.

i think my favorite blog post i have ever written is the one about my reflection of the past school year. i think ranting about that school year was so refreshing to me and i felt a lot better. everything i have ever really written on this blog has always been one big rant. like my own youtube video you have to read and use your one total braincell.

i think this blog also helped me futher my type of writing almost. if that makes sense? it helped me find out what kind of writing i really want to do. i like to write like people enjoy it and like to read what i have to say. i like the thought of having an audience to tell my own thoughts on certain matters and for people to enjoy it and subscribe to me over the past year? that’s crazy.

if you want to start a blog i strongly encourage you to do so. it’s exciting and if you’re really sad and on the verge of giving up life, this is definitely something that could help you take your mind off it. starting a blog, especially if you love to write, is so exciting it gives you something to look forward to. having someone read your opinions on your favorite album or your rants on a stupid youtube video makes your heart jump and finally feel somewhat important in life.

this blog truly has made this year much better than what i thought it would be and i could only hope for people to like me and im glad a few of you do. i know i haven’t typed anything up and i know i said my laptop broke, but truly, i missed typing and writing and getting excited the night before to post whatever i mustered up.

here’s to another year of getting left for a month and then saying hello again. here’s to another year of saying some boarderline problematic things. here’s to anothere year of you and continously making me happy.

if you have even just read one of my blog posts, thank you. if you’ve read them all for some reason, thank you. if this is your first time ever reading one of my blog posts, thank you. your support has driven me so much and made me giddy everyday. no one knows i blog and it feels like my own secret, like gossip girl.

again, if you want to start a blog DO IT! you have nothing to lose! i encourage you so much and i’ll support you endlessly if you do decide to start one. if you’re reading this and want me to end the goddamn post already, i’m getting there. . .damn.

(i also wanted to reflect, because not only have i maintained an awful iron deficiency; but NOW we have taylor swift content! we have disney+! we have happiness! life will be ok!)

i love you all. thank you thank you thank you.

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noo aha i have posted almost daily aha it hasn’t been an exact month since i’ve posted ahaha…. please don’t unfollow 

also yes i do have a new layout please admire it PLEASE

yes, it’s me. It Is Me. Backstreet Is, In Fact, BACK! alright anyways. yes i haven’t posted in a month, school started and i am depressed what do you want from me. however, we have a lot to discuss.

taylor swift dropped her album Lover: YES. great. amazing. beautiful. I Love You. it’s an ode to love in every way possible and i eat that shit up like it’s my religion. everyone hates the 17th track it’s nice to have a friend but it is, in reality, in my top five. okay thank you please stream lover! out on all services ever and in stores!

star wars the rise of skywalker trailer: yes. dark rey. we won girls. best part is that they made no reference for sure that rey is a skywalker which might be the best thing ever because i am so sick of that long lost parents trope. they also never explained mara jade so how they gonna explain rey? exactly its cause the rise of skywalker is actually ben solo. everyone make some noise for kylo ren. thank you.

i started school: yes. one more year till i’m a senior and i will be GONE!!!!!! i like school! i do. i mean school is like a homophobic prison but if i’m at home then i’m sad and dead inside. i also enjoy my ap government class.

i still play tennis: yes. varsity three years in the making baby now please kiss me.

i watched a lot of reality tv, mostly bachelorette and bachelor in paradise: yes. it is wack but nothing like a depression meal and twenty mentally unstable guys fight for alabama hannah’s heart (except mike and tyler c). after finishing bachelorette it jumped straight into a new show/season of bachelor in paradise and wow everyone really is horny. that show is so wack i don’t even know to explain it. like new women and men walk down every week and try to smash someone. if you didn’t successfully manage a touchdown then you do NOT get a rose and get sent to the guillotine. i’ve already sent in my audition tape!

i watched another reality tv show, big brother, completely fall apart and lose all of its credibility because they cast racists and homophobes: yes. kemi for AFP!

my best friend daniel might get killed by my other good friend dorian: yes. that hurricane coming and she ain’t stopping. prayers for daniel and all that. we need you homie you can’t leave us OK? i promise you i’m gonna get you out and get you a new charger……

i got a fish: yes. i got a little gold fish and named him terry. extremely cute. i named him terry after daniel’s, now dead fish terrence and that name comes from a lana del rey song.

my fish, terry, died in less than twenty four hours: yes. let me see some F’s in the chat for terry y’all………

lana del rey dropped her new album Norman bad word Rockwellyes. great body of work. one of my favorite ones is doin’ time. the album reminds me of born to die, her first studio album and my favorite album of hers.

lorde: yes. still hasn’t released anything.

lastly, i insulted vsco girls and got blocked: yes. a day that for sure will go down in history. all i said was that they lack any substance in personality and really shouldn’t come for pop legend, taylor swift because she could ruin any chance ever of you moving on in the real world. she’s also worth 400 million dollar, honey.

since i made a glee reference i feel like i should say that you’re all minorities, you’re apart of the glee club.

ok well that’s what you missed on glee!

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the highly anticipated seventh studio album from taylor swift has finally arrived. well it arrived two weeks ago but i’ve been busing soaking it in. . . you know? the album has eighteen tracks expressing love in all of it’s spell-binding and captivating ways. here is my review of lover.


  • 7/10 – this track was the perfect opener. it expressed the closing of her reputation era and it just fit perfectly. she quite literally forgot that you existed and has finally left you behind. FAVORITE LINE: “IT ISN’T LOVE, IT ISN’T HATE, IT’S JUST INDIFFERENCE.”


  • 9/10 – it’s a cruel summer. this track expressed the love she was afraid to have. a friends with benefit type situation. . . it’s the perfect pop song and definitely should’ve been released as a single. the bridge is my favorite part where she expresses that her loving you is the worst part. it’s the perfect song for any mood. FAVORITE LINE: “HE LOOKS UP GRINNING LIKE A DEVIL.”


  • 10/10 – the title track. a timeless song that for sure will go down in history. a song that she expresses for her long term boyfriend, joe alywn, and how she would like to go where he goes and hopes that they can always be this close. many celebrities have praised the song such as niall horan, halsey, todrick hall, tan france, antoni, gigi hadid, millie bobby brown, dixie chicks, and many more. . . everyone loves lover! FAVORITE LINE: “WITH EVERY GUITAR STRING SCAR ON MY HAND I TAKE THIS MAGNETIC FORCE OF A MAN TO BE MY LOVER.”


  • 9.2/10 – if she was a man, she would be T H E man. taylor swift KNOWS who she is and she wrote a whole song about it. she is so powerful that she said she would be a leader and an alpha type. like of course she would be but oh my GOD this song just proves who the hell she is. FAVORITE LINE: “IF I WAS OUT FLASHING MY DOLLARS I’D BE A BITCH NOT A BALLER.”


  • 8/10 – this is a song that came out a month before lover and it perfectly encapsulates the feeling of anxiety that comes with who would stay and who would go. with knowing that all of her heroes die all alone and her hating her reflection for years and years, it takes the cake for extremely emotional sad songs. FAVORITE LINE: “ALL THE KINGS HORSES AND ALL THE KINGS MEN, COULDN’T PUT ME TOGETHER AGAIN.”


  • 8.5/10 – i claimed track six from the beginning and i am so proud of myself as always for doing so. it’s a catchy song with some good lyrics about owning that you are in fact a catch and the good ones never wait. FAVORITE LINE: “I AM AN ARCHITECT I’M DRAWING UP THE PLANS.”


  • 10/10 – yes GOD. this might be one of my favorite tracks ever. it’s so smooth in production it makes me feel like jelly. don’t even get me started on the lyrics and hidden metaphors. the hidden meaning of a high school warped in politics of boys being boys and where are the wise men? darling i’m scared. will literally send chills down your spine. it’s beautiful. FAVORITE LINE: “VOTED MOST LIKELY TO RUN AWAY WITH YOU.”


  • 8/10 – a very happy song that is essentially saying i don’t care about that shiny stuff i would marry you with paper rings. it’s catchy and makes me smile. she also mentioned people getting high so i think we won this one fellow frat brothers. FAVORITE LINE: “I HATE ACCIDENTS EXCEPT WHEN WE WENT FROM FRIENDS TO THIS.” 


  • 9.5/10 – this song is almost going full cycle. taylor swift has always been known to share a story through a song and this is no different. starting the story on corenlia street and taking us through the timeline and ending with cornelia street makes me feel like i’m there watching it play out in a movie. FAVORITE LINE: “I GET MYSTIFIED AT HOW THIS CITY SCREAMS YOUR NAME.” 


  • 10/10 – solely based of the bridge alone, it would still get a ten out of ten. the background vocals, the piano, THE BRIDGE, everything about this song is perfect and i love her so much so please appreciate greatness. i don’t even wanna talk about the song i want you to listen to it yourself i don’t deserve to spoil it for you. FAVORITE LINE: “TRYING TO FIND A PART OF ME YOU DIDN’T TOUCH.”


  • 8/10 – i love her. very cute and catchy tune saying that her london boy loves her american smile and that yes, the rumor are true, she loves london boys. (she’s dated three boys in total from london). apparently some of the geography is wrong according to londoners but what do americans know? FAVORITE LINE: “DARLING I FANCY YOU.”


  • 8/10 – this is a very emotional song. she wrote this about her mother’s cancer relapse and god i remember crying the first time i heard this. very wise and brave family decision to put it on the album but it fits so well within a curious way because it’s all kinds of love. where this is on a sadder scale, the production is amazing and you can feel the emotion she felt while singing this. chills. FAVORITE LINE: “IT’S BEEN YEARS OF HOPING.”


  • 9/10 – one of the best on the album. IT’S ABOUT SEX!!!!!!!!!!! FAVORITE LINE: “I’M NEW YORK CITY!”


  • 7/10 – listen, love the song but since it was a single i am sick of hearing it sometimes. i love her though and all of her gay rights ways. definitely a good song, charting well, people eating this up! also it makes me incredibly happy that she spoke up about this and made it with all of her friends. also the video won video of the year so! FAVORITE LINE: “SHADE NEVER MADE ANYBODY LESS GAY!”


  • 9/10 – afterglow is a beautiful song. production and lyrics is off the chain and it makes me feel almost content in a way… her voice is very calming to me while listening to it. a song about fighting with a true love and knowing that you’re wrong. . . well just meet your true love in the afterglow. FAVORITE LINE: “FIGHTING WITH A TRUE LOVE IS LIKE BOXING WITH NO GLOVES.”


  • 6/10 – great lead. sick of hearing it. however i am always in the mood for taylor so. . . i don’t see the reason for the hate but it is a pretty childish song. however it’s a happy go lucky song and meant for jokes and hahas. very cute and is charting well. got the public talking too. FAVORITE LINE: “HEY KIDS! SPELLING IS FUN!” (RIP. WISH THAT LYRIC WAS STILL IN THE SONG! F IN THE CHAT TO PAY RESPECTS!)


  • 10/10 – how can you guys hate this song. i feel like it’s raining out when i listen to it and i’m kissing my once to be friend accidentally. the song essentially goes from friends to lovers with school bells to church bells. very beautiful very nice ten out of ten do recommend the listen! FAVORITE LINE: “CALL MY BLUFF, CALL YOU BABE.” 


  • 9.5/10 – the perfect closer to an album. her love is golden. she finally found a love that made her sun shine so bright. i couldn’t be happier for her. she stepped into the daylight and let everything go. the perfect end of a album about love in all of it’s spell-binding and captivating ways. FAVORITE LINE: “I ONCE BELIEVE LOVE WOULD BE BURNING RED.” 

ok well that’s the album review. tell me your thoughts and opinions about my hot takes and do go stream the album of the year.

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ten do’s and dont’s of high school

i have a younger brother starting high school this month, so this one is for you, cody.

Do make friends by showing off your cool techdeck tricks. whip that bad boy out on the orientation table and let em know who the hell you are. i think this is the ultimate “y’all below me, sorry.

Don’t show your new lads your tik tok page. just because you got 73 likes on one of them doesn’t mean you’re a clout god. i really didn’t want to be the one who told you so, but here i am. telling you that it sucks please stop.

Do go up to a person you don’t know, shake their hand, and say “the job is done.” 

Don’t say “hi” say “HELLO???? HELLOOOOO???” right in their ear. tells them you need their attention now and you wait for no one cuz HELLO??? why would you wait for a basic bitch like that? exactly.

Do frown constantly. let them know you’re training your forehead to be upset constantly now.

Don’t show them your battery pack. yes you’re a robot but don’t let them know just yet… maybe wait till october.

Do show them pictures of your fish. then tell them that he made for a great sushi roll.

Don’t smile.

Do tell them to stream lover by taylor swift, coming out on august 23rd.

Don’t give them your lego set pieces. they finna set you up brother.

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i have made a mistake


i think i should start this off with one: i am SORRY. okay, now that i got that off my chest i do, in fact, feel better. i hope you all feel my energy radiating in the air on this fine sunny morning… well from where i am.

i made the mistake of trusting god and thinking he wasn’t gonna toss me around like a rag doll ever again…. life has thrown us around fellow bloggers and followers.. i will NOT tolerate it any longer.

listen, i get it more than anyone! life is hard! everything is hard! however, i figured, things would’ve been different by now you know. like i’ve been doing the same goddamn battle for way too long.

i’m sure all of you relate to this one way or another. whether it be taxes, school, your unfortunate kids, or being chased by gang leaders… everyone has hardships in life.

i ask for one day though. just one day where we all smile and eat sprinkle donuts together! literally sounds like SO much fun! yes kids can come as long as their younger then two and older then fifteen. anything in between that is the worst years.

i also figured by now, that i could openly post short stories without everyone being like hey ollie why are you doing that please talk about something else we don’t wanna see your short story weird ass. but NO! i cant! y’all made me sad and disappointed.

i wish i could run polls on here because i wanna see what YOU guys want to read from me. y’all want advice? life stories? tips? tricks? how to care for a fish without it dying/killing itself within the first twenty four hours? short stories? a full blown novel?

for the love of god please let me know.

i mean listen i LOVE all of you! you guys are awesome even though i have like twenty follows? twenty follows in which i’m grateful for… but goddamn let me know what you want to read from me PLEASE!

i guess that it’s for today.. i felt like blogging like the old times when it’s 1am and you’re kinda just like why am i existing?

anyways like and comment what you want to see from me. please subscribe and support my blog if you’re new here!


i went to chicago and met up with my internet friends for the first time

y’all want the visual representation instead? here’s the link to my video: dont forget to subscribe bro.

i met people i had never met before. it was fun. i had known these two girls for a year and a half now, meeting them felt like a weird fever dream. they were sweet and kind and i know now that they’re going to be my best friends forever and ever.

it was cool to explore the city with them. mostly getting lost and finding benches to sit down because damn we didn’t choose the right footwear for this. i also find it comical how big chicago really is. i mean sure the drone shots made it look small but jesus.

it was nice to tall to these people face to face. i held their hand and told them i love you and now over a tweet or a text. it was real. i had to often remind myself that you can, in fact, count your fingers right now, because this was real and it wasn’t a dream.

it was fun to say the least. i strongly empower you to make more friends out of that hometown you live in or just try to see the world a little differently. it’s quite unique and life changing knowing that there really is a much better and bigger world then that small hometown you wake up to every morning.

i know this was short but all of my emotions and sick shots of chicago are in that two minute video, i think you’ll like that much better then what i have to say. please please please check it out, like it, comment on it, subscribe, and share it with your own internet friends. thank you for reading. thank you diana and mikayla for being some of my best friends, can’t wait to see you again soon.