stop being dumb

im having none of it.

hello welcome back to my blog, i hate jar jar binks.

i hate jar jar binks SO much. he is truly the WORST character from star wars (both originals, prequels, and sequels). he’s just.. such a stupid character.

so for those of you who don’t know who jar jar binks is.. let me tell you: he’s a moron.

his voice is annoying, his character interaction is annoying, the writing for him is awful (i know that’s not the actor or character’s fault, but let’s blame it on him anyways because god i hate jar jar binks.), his characterization sucks. he’s also ugly.

here’s a photo of jar jar binks so you can really grasp the character i’m talking about:

hey jar jar 🙂

i’m just.. so sick of seeing him in the prequels. like it’s enough, stop it, please, i don’t want to hear it!

i mean the prequels in my opinion have always been a little.. off. i’m not saying that they are bad.. but they’re pretty awful.

they could’ve done something amazing, but of COURSE it was ruined. i don’t think it was just this secondary, minor, character’s fault.. i just like to blame jar jar for everything.

my life may be going to hell, but at least i know i’ll never be as bothersome as jar jar binks.

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sorry this was so short.. i wanted to work on better stuff, but i still liked to complain! muah kisses!


apologies sir

i’m sorry bruh.

so, for the one person reading this (honorable mention: julia) i would like to apologize.

i literally haven’t uploaded in two weeks. i have some very good (not) reasons for this prolonged absence and i will share them with you today.

1.) school. i still gotta do this and i can’t escape it. sorry.

2.) my birthday. my birthday was on january 21st. i know that’s one day and not two weeks long, but you get the gist.

3.) depression bruh. she’s been going a little off the rails lately. not sure who told her it was okay to do this, but here we are?

i promised myself 2019 was my blog’s year and i plan to stick to that. i got a fresh post coming up about star wars. maybe one about me eating a lot of cake. i don’t know we have to see how my emotions go on which one i want to upload.

in the mean time, i will tell a story.

i live in ohio. recently, ohio has gotten a lot of snow. i don’t mind it i guess. i mean there’s nothing i can really do. i grew up with snow and knowing how difficult it can be. but my mother decided to start saying snowmageddon.

clever right? sure, maybe for the first two minutes, but it’s all she said.

i love my mother very much and she is one of the best people i know. she inspires me so much and her creativity radiates off her.

but SNOWMAGEDDON bruh. i just cannot! she said it to everyone! we were at the store and she looked at the cashier and said “are you ready for snowmageddon?” and the cashier said YES. the buffoonery.

it’s still snowing too. i’m never going to hear the end of this. it’s okay though because one day armageddon will happen and my mom will just kind’ve look at me and give me the dirtiest look she can fathom.

i love you mom. you’re my best friend. thanks for being you <3.

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i’m back at school


i don’t mind school, it appeals to the fact of i don’t have to think about my impending doom and depression. that’s really the only service it has to me. i mean yes, english classes probably matter to me because i want to be a journalist, but all this other stuff has no impact on me.

school is just a bump in the road to what i should be doing: living in new york with my best friends and making millions of dollars. that’s the lifestyle i would love to have.

i would thrive if i had that lifestyle.

school is just a gateway to self-centered kids who don’t care about anyone but themselves. this works out in my favor a lot. they don’t care about me, i don’t care about them, so we ignore each other and that horrible dye job they did to their hair.

i’m picking out classes for next year and i’m pretty ok about it, for now. next year i am allowed to leave early if i don’t have to retake any classes, so i will be leaving halfway through the school day next year.

i’m going to take college composition next year and i mean, that’s exciting. that’s all that is interesting about my school life.

i made a now deleted post about being involved in school, but that’s social stuff, if you don’t show up to school i don’t really care. i mean, if my parents weren’t my parents, then i would never be at school.

it just makes me so anxious. i like to crack jokes in my class constantly to mask my pain, but other than that school is nothing to me.

i miss christmas break. it was so much fun. i played minecraft for ten hours straight and i got a lot of xbox achievements. that was the best part of my break.

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send me your money and i’ll give you three wishes for 2019

since when was fergie fired from dick clark’s rockin new year’s eve???????

i hope everyone had a great new year! here’s to 2019!

i wanna die.

seriously, how has the world not ended yet? we are two thousand and nineteen years in and somehow we survived three predictions of the world ending in the past year? insane.

i miss when everyone was speculating if the world would end on april 18th. that was so fun. the conspiracy theories and the thought of not being alive anymore really resonated with me.

sorry i’m so dead inside, this is the only way i cope with it.

sometimes, i tend to think about if the world would end. would we feel anything? or would we go to bed and it would just kind’ve be the end?

i mean we survived y2k and december 21st 2012, i guess we can survive anything.

the world is literally overheating in the wrong places, america is imploding, 95% of the ocean still isn’t found, and steve jobs is still dead.

i had no idea steve jobs died up until a good friend of mine told me??

i just think that we thrive off the non-existent so much, that we feel it becoming a reality.

thanos isn’t going to wipe us out yet, please calm down.

people sometimes grab this stuff from literally anything. nothing will happen, no warning signs or anything, nothing that could show us that hey the world literally might end tomorrow and you can’t see anyone again, want some whisky? it’s just out of thin air.

i mean april 18th was kind’ve surrounded by aliens and people dying, but like, the theory that we were all going to die in september..? girl where did this come from?

some of them do make some valid and cute little cases, but a lunatic could be walking down the street and a fox news reporter will go up to them like: “what’s going to happen tomorrow??” and you’re telling me, that if the guy said “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE TOMORROW, EVERYTHING YOU LOVE WILL BE GONE, NOTHING WILL BE HERE, WE WILL BE WIPED OUT COMPLETELY!!!” we would just believe them???

can’t wait for the twitter threads.

but, it’s fun watching people go insane over it. it really is. i mean, i of course, get a little scared, but when nothing happens i’m just kind’ve “well, what was i expecting?”

i guess that’s all i had to say. happy new year’s and merry christmas. this is my year folks i’m calling it. 2019 is ollie’s year!

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new year’s resolutions suck

nothings going to change, i’m going in 2019 broke and walking out dead, hopefully.

new year’s sucks.

i mean the parties and festivities are fun, but i feel pressured by everything that happens on social media within the next few weeks.

“new year, new me.”

i know that’s now an irreversible joke of the internet, but imagine if we could change who we are every year.

so many youtubers would have that power and just change every view we’ve ever had on them, messy.

sorry tana. however, you may get some more plastic surgery as your “new year, new me.” please don’t say the n word again or start another catastrophe meet and greet next year. thanks.

pop culture has blown this resolution thing way out of proportion to the point where i don’t even want to partake in the last week of december, i just wanna die.

“but you wanna die all year around, what’s the difference?”

the difference is, kiara, i don’t like knowing that i lived through another year and didn’t die.

the only thing i’m looking forward to this new year’s eve is ms taylor swift’s reputation stadium tour movie that will be out on netflix. i’m very excited for that.

that’s off topic, but i really don’t like this passage of time. it’s a social construct built for us to not only lose time and make sure days go by, but to make sure that we still hold onto this little piece of ourselves we supposedly leave behind everyday and the awful buzzfeed articles.

i hate the buzzfeed articles. you aren’t funny, you aren’t clever, you look dumb, and your quirky pop culture stance is two weeks too late.

new year’s resolutions are just so much work. no one has ever committed to one except for like, weight loss or going to the gym every week. which is pretty cool if you’ve ever done that and completed it, but i mean the wack resolutions twitter makes:

new year’s resolution: drop all the fake friends.

girl, i saw you on snapchat, you’re still hanging out with the same friend who slept with your boyfriend. nothing changed for you, except for those ugly color contacts and that bad dye job.

you really thought red was going to look good on you? really? if it didn’t work for you in ninth grade, it’s not going to work for you in twelfth grade.

resolutions have always been a little weird to me. i used to never understand them as a child. resolutions are supposed to be the resolving of a problem that you may have in your life. i mean, like i said before, weight perhaps may be a problem in your life if you view it so and stuff like that is kind’ve cool, but those hype beasts who’s resolution is to get three million followers on instagram have a rude awakening in store for them.

that’s not a problem chief, that’s a white kid needing more attention so they can scam kids into giving them money.

i’m broke, depressed, dead inside, only have four friends, and an awful blog, which part am i going to fix this year?

i don’t know what else to say other than resolutions are overrated. you may have already known this, your views may have just changed, you may think i’m arrogant and desperate for attention and views. if you think that you are correct.

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why am i so dead inside?

life is so weird. i know i’ve already talked about this, but its true. we literally used to be nothing and now, we’re here making fun of selena gomez. that’s just so crazy, is it not?

i know my blog posts are very repetitive and boring but i have to vent somewhere right? so today i figured ill share another awful life experience with you! enjoy?

one time my mom won tickets to the hannah montana concert on the radio. it was crazy because first of all, hannah montana. second of all, i was like seven or eight so i was having a stroke. i really thought god was doing me a solid and said “here you go ollie, this one from the team.” i was wrong.

now, i’m not mad about this now. even though it’s about to seem like i am. but, i did not attend the hannah montana concert. my older sister did.

was this the biggest heartbreak of my life? yes. we never go to concerts! we went to wiggles and elmo live, but i think my mother also won those on the radio or it was gift. i also can’t even remember them because i was one.

i haven’t been to a lot of concerts. the best one i have ever been at happened over the summer, and that was my christmas present and birthday present combined. i was thankful for that though, because god, can taylor swift put on one hell of a show.

as i was saying, this sucked because i loved hannah montana. i mean my older sister probably deserved to go more than i did because even back then, i wanted to die.

here’s the best part, my sister got to meet miley cyrus (hannah montana, if you for some very odd reason didn’t know that). so i think thats why im sad today. i mean there’s also a lot of other reasons for me being depressed like you know chemical imbalances in the brain and such, but i like to blame it on the fact that miley cyrus touched my older sister’s ponytail by accident instead of mine.

now, if my mother ever reads this i do need to add, this is one big joke mom! i love you very much, i am still not upset that you forgot to get me a piece of confetti from the concert. i promise. i love you, thank you for birthing me.

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hey karen, happy holidays!

that silly little moment when it’s your best friends birthday, and you forgot to bring the cake, and the party, and a present, so you just burn down the house you were going to have the party at. LOL.

BEFORE WE BEGIN TODAY’S POST!!: it’s someone’s very special birthday. someone’s very, very special birthday!! happy birthday dan- i mean diana!

you’re my favorite girlie and you make me laugh constantly! you’re amazing and without you there would be no minecraft boys, core four, and fatal five. so very thankful for you existence!


i’m gonna die.

family parties for christmas are just so exhausting.

i know a lot of people agree with me. there is family where i haven’t seen in a year and i’ll be like “hey how are you? oh your six year old kid is now seventeen? crazy! you see that new season of the flash from last year? so good. did you listen to taylor swift’s reputation album? i did it was great.” half the time they don’t even want to listen to me!

it’s just weird parties to be at. i don’t know why i don’t like it so much, but i hope i’m not the only one.

i do enjoy some of my family members and i don’t hate anyone in my family. i just feel awkward around them! i’m not an awkward person, i can make conversation easily, but trying to talk to the aunt you haven’t seen in a long time? proven difficulty.

it’s just such a weird occurrence when you see them, make eye contact with them, give them your best tight lipped smile, and go find your mother.

something about seeing estranged cousins really irritates me. i’m sure in some way they do care about how i’m doing and what’s going on, but they aren’t going to care in a couple of days. i’m the same way. i’m sorry sharon, i really had no idea you crashed your car, want some pie?

family christmas parties are truly just weird. everyone goes through them. i just have to suck it up and go through it.

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