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schools over time to reflect baby

such a weird year of my life that i wont remember in three years.

okay, listen! i just basically finished sophomore year and im feeling… weird? i mean no one cares about the sophomores. no matter what graduating year you are.. no one cares about you! and that’s 100% fine! i’m a pretty go with the flow guy, you know. i dont get into drama (love to watch it unfold though because really? fighting over that white boy who thinks he can say the n word because his biracial friend gave him the pass? okay logic! make an album about it for godsakes.) i also dont really care.

i care to the extent of “i will do all my work dont you worry baby” but i cant really find it in me to care about anything else. i mean i care about taylor swift and the fatal five.. but thats pretty much it.

i just think sophomore year is weird for everyone. its not a bad time.. but its not a particular good one either? you hit the tenth grade and you finally think you’re actually “in the highschool” now. dont worry.. you’re not. yeah, you’re not the puny freshmen anymore! you’re just a slightly taller time to lose my virginity and see how many nudes i can get in a day type grade. no! one! cares!

socially, i was fine. like i said before, im a b type kind of guy you know? i’m ‘friends’ (more like the class clown that gets invited to parties but never goes because i don’t want to see your juul) with almost everyone and im good with that. i would rather be friendly all of high school then being trapped in a big group of kids in my grade and hope i dont talk shit about the girl who slept with two of the guys within the groups. dont worry sweetie im cheering you on because the fact that you managed to do that in high school and not get pregnant is pretty impressive. i love you and i hope you prosper. 

academically, this is probably going to be the last year where i can be like LOL LMAO LOL LMAO LOL LMAO LOL LMAO LOL LMAO LOL LMAO i mean it sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

if you’re entering sophomore year this upcoming one just remember that it literally doesn’t matter what that one girl is wearing in your math class. it doesn’t matter if her shoes are dirty. no one cares about that… at all. so get over yourself freshie or else you’re going to be stuck in this rut for the rest of your life thinking everything matters when that girl probably doesn’t care about you and is thankful to even have shoes. also! shoes are meant to get dirty! so stop caring what others are doing and wearing. worry about that 47 in your biology class.

new-to-being-sophomores should also take note that having a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school is stupid. if you think that its a ginormous deal that you didnt get your long lost lover in freshmen year.. whew do i get news for you buddy!

tenth grade is also the year you finally get to see the better perspective of things. freshmen are trying to get out of that middle school phase and failing helplessly. sophomore year is when you realize the only person you should be worrying about is yourself. those friends you had in freshmen year are probably not going to last! thats okay too because i assure you, those friends you make in sophomore year let you see how dumb your grade actually is.

tenth grade is also the last year life is finally like okay lets give them a break they probably dont deserve the third year of eighth grade. life just gets a lot better. if you are somehow still in your my life sucks and everything i do is awful and everyone hates me and i cant believe that bitch had the audacity to talk about me lets talk about her now phase by tenth grade.. please go to a junior or senior friend so they can tell you to get it together, slap you, and tell you to stop acting like a middle schooler.

if you’re done with sophomore year or maybe even an adult, i dare you to reflect on anything in that year and tell me if you remember any of it. i cant even remember march.

sophomore year goes by extremely fast. dont worry about colleges yet baby! thats next year anyways, just enjoy life! also spend time with your parents because you may have thought that was lame a couple years ago, but now its cool. you and your mom have fun intellectual conversations and she doesn’t hate hanging out with you anymore! (i mean she only hated hanging out with you before because somehow everything went back to you and how you were feeling. talking about abortion? somehow that goes right back to how you were feeling in second period because someone gave you a dirty look.)

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send me your money and i’ll give you three wishes for 2019

since when was fergie fired from dick clark’s rockin new year’s eve???????

i hope everyone had a great new year! here’s to 2019!

i wanna die.

seriously, how has the world not ended yet? we are two thousand and nineteen years in and somehow we survived three predictions of the world ending in the past year? insane.

i miss when everyone was speculating if the world would end on april 18th. that was so fun. the conspiracy theories and the thought of not being alive anymore really resonated with me.

sorry i’m so dead inside, this is the only way i cope with it.

sometimes, i tend to think about if the world would end. would we feel anything? or would we go to bed and it would just kind’ve be the end?

i mean we survived y2k and december 21st 2012, i guess we can survive anything.

the world is literally overheating in the wrong places, america is imploding, 95% of the ocean still isn’t found, and steve jobs is still dead.

i had no idea steve jobs died up until a good friend of mine told me??

i just think that we thrive off the non-existent so much, that we feel it becoming a reality.

thanos isn’t going to wipe us out yet, please calm down.

people sometimes grab this stuff from literally anything. nothing will happen, no warning signs or anything, nothing that could show us that hey the world literally might end tomorrow and you can’t see anyone again, want some whisky? it’s just out of thin air.

i mean april 18th was kind’ve surrounded by aliens and people dying, but like, the theory that we were all going to die in september..? girl where did this come from?

some of them do make some valid and cute little cases, but a lunatic could be walking down the street and a fox news reporter will go up to them like: “what’s going to happen tomorrow??” and you’re telling me, that if the guy said “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE TOMORROW, EVERYTHING YOU LOVE WILL BE GONE, NOTHING WILL BE HERE, WE WILL BE WIPED OUT COMPLETELY!!!” we would just believe them???

can’t wait for the twitter threads.

but, it’s fun watching people go insane over it. it really is. i mean, i of course, get a little scared, but when nothing happens i’m just kind’ve “well, what was i expecting?”

i guess that’s all i had to say. happy new year’s and merry christmas. this is my year folks i’m calling it. 2019 is ollie’s year!

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new year’s resolutions suck

nothings going to change, i’m going in 2019 broke and walking out dead, hopefully.

new year’s sucks.

i mean the parties and festivities are fun, but i feel pressured by everything that happens on social media within the next few weeks.

“new year, new me.”

i know that’s now an irreversible joke of the internet, but imagine if we could change who we are every year.

so many youtubers would have that power and just change every view we’ve ever had on them, messy.

sorry tana. however, you may get some more plastic surgery as your “new year, new me.” please don’t say the n word again or start another catastrophe meet and greet next year. thanks.

pop culture has blown this resolution thing way out of proportion to the point where i don’t even want to partake in the last week of december, i just wanna die.

“but you wanna die all year around, what’s the difference?”

the difference is, kiara, i don’t like knowing that i lived through another year and didn’t die.

the only thing i’m looking forward to this new year’s eve is ms taylor swift’s reputation stadium tour movie that will be out on netflix. i’m very excited for that.

that’s off topic, but i really don’t like this passage of time. it’s a social construct built for us to not only lose time and make sure days go by, but to make sure that we still hold onto this little piece of ourselves we supposedly leave behind everyday and the awful buzzfeed articles.

i hate the buzzfeed articles. you aren’t funny, you aren’t clever, you look dumb, and your quirky pop culture stance is two weeks too late.

new year’s resolutions are just so much work. no one has ever committed to one except for like, weight loss or going to the gym every week. which is pretty cool if you’ve ever done that and completed it, but i mean the wack resolutions twitter makes:

new year’s resolution: drop all the fake friends.

girl, i saw you on snapchat, you’re still hanging out with the same friend who slept with your boyfriend. nothing changed for you, except for those ugly color contacts and that bad dye job.

you really thought red was going to look good on you? really? if it didn’t work for you in ninth grade, it’s not going to work for you in twelfth grade.

resolutions have always been a little weird to me. i used to never understand them as a child. resolutions are supposed to be the resolving of a problem that you may have in your life. i mean, like i said before, weight perhaps may be a problem in your life if you view it so and stuff like that is kind’ve cool, but those hype beasts who’s resolution is to get three million followers on instagram have a rude awakening in store for them.

that’s not a problem chief, that’s a white kid needing more attention so they can scam kids into giving them money.

i’m broke, depressed, dead inside, only have four friends, and an awful blog, which part am i going to fix this year?

i don’t know what else to say other than resolutions are overrated. you may have already known this, your views may have just changed, you may think i’m arrogant and desperate for attention and views. if you think that you are correct.

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