i have made a mistake


i think i should start this off with one: i am SORRY. okay, now that i got that off my chest i do, in fact, feel better. i hope you all feel my energy radiating in the air on this fine sunny morning… well from where i am.

i made the mistake of trusting god and thinking he wasn’t gonna toss me around like a rag doll ever again…. life has thrown us around fellow bloggers and followers.. i will NOT tolerate it any longer.

listen, i get it more than anyone! life is hard! everything is hard! however, i figured, things would’ve been different by now you know. like i’ve been doing the same goddamn battle for way too long.

i’m sure all of you relate to this one way or another. whether it be taxes, school, your unfortunate kids, or being chased by gang leaders… everyone has hardships in life.

i ask for one day though. just one day where we all smile and eat sprinkle donuts together! literally sounds like SO much fun! yes kids can come as long as their younger then two and older then fifteen. anything in between that is the worst years.

i also figured by now, that i could openly post short stories without everyone being like hey ollie why are you doing that please talk about something else we don’t wanna see your short story weird ass. but NO! i cant! y’all made me sad and disappointed.

i wish i could run polls on here because i wanna see what YOU guys want to read from me. y’all want advice? life stories? tips? tricks? how to care for a fish without it dying/killing itself within the first twenty four hours? short stories? a full blown novel?

for the love of god please let me know.

i mean listen i LOVE all of you! you guys are awesome even though i have like twenty follows? twenty follows in which i’m grateful for… but goddamn let me know what you want to read from me PLEASE!

i guess that it’s for today.. i felt like blogging like the old times when it’s 1am and you’re kinda just like why am i existing?

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women? having a choice? less likely than you think

disclaimer: i make a mention of sexual abuse and gun violence in this so if those topics trigger you in any way do click off. if you dont click off please know that these are my opinions and views if you disagree go stream ME! by taylor swift because i love her!

this is also one big jumbled up rant in which i angrily type and express my irritation and displeasure. sorry if this is somewhat unorganized, still give it a read though. thank you.

we are literally regressing backwards. 

if you haven’t been keeping up or haven’t noticed at all, woman’s rights are about to be completely taken away from us. i cant stress how IMPORTANT this topic is to so many women.

it started with every person that holds some form of power being a straight white old male. it then proceeded into rape isn’t actually rape and finally went to well i just dont think women should be allowed a choice in life. 

what? i didn’t understand at first thinking to myself how could you say something so so vile? until i realized that men are trying to shut women up. these men think that the unborn embryo matters more than a women’s choice in life. that somehow, that one egg that was impregnated by a sperm matters more to humanity than someone who doesn’t want to be pregnant to begin with. somehow, that unborn embryo has influenced the minds of white men in power so much that women don’t get a choice with what they do with their bodies.

we are regressing backwards. we are going back in time where women aren’t allowed to vote and have an opinion. they are trying to shut us up and lock us away. these men are trying to tell us what we can and cant do with OUR bodies and you know what? that’s not okay. you arent the one with the child in the stomach and you wouldn’t be the one pumping it of your vagina so shut up!

i know a lot of women are scared right now, me too! however, we need to keep speaking up and trying to make a change. planned parenthood had made a list of things to do if you so happen to get pregnant and you want to have an abortion and ill put that right here:

i would also like to add that if you take away our choice of abortion, if you take away our choice of anything and control our bodies.. we will fight back. you are telling women tat they are murderers for killing an unborn fetus. you are telling women that they are murdering a child.

also telling women that they should go to jail for having an abortion is mind blowing to me considering it doesn’t matter to you. you also can’t tell a women who has had a miscarriage she deserves jail time because in no way, shape, or form is that her fault. some women who really do want to have children and have a miscarriage will be devastated and go to prison. how sick of a human being do you have to be to agree to that law/make that law?

IF the child is concieved it would go unloved and uncared for in a foster home. it would treat itself as a mistake to society. you care so much about these unborn children, yet once they are born, they are forgotten about and just another child in the world.

well until the child gets shot in a school because you wont ban guns. you wont take away a weapon that is killing kids all the time. you wont take away a weapon that takes away a child who was living a life, was loved and was wanted there. guns also kill adults, toddlers, babies, old people, dogs for godsakes.. but somehow WOMEN are the murderers? 

also that in some states where these new abortion laws are coming to light; a lgbt couple who would LOVE to adopt a child can’t because adopting agencies can turn down that opportunity.

you are denying women a choice, you are denying lgbt families of a child, you are denying a gun ban. what’s next? going to deny our right to vote?

if you don’t have a vagina dont say anything because i dont want to hear it. you arent the one pumping out the child and you are CERTAINLY NOT the one getting impregnanted. go to hell.

that’s all i had to say today. if you disagree i don’t care. if you agree high five let’s get these women’s rights baby.

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schools over time to reflect baby

such a weird year of my life that i wont remember in three years.

okay, listen! i just basically finished sophomore year and im feeling… weird? i mean no one cares about the sophomores. no matter what graduating year you are.. no one cares about you! and that’s 100% fine! i’m a pretty go with the flow guy, you know. i dont get into drama (love to watch it unfold though because really? fighting over that white boy who thinks he can say the n word because his biracial friend gave him the pass? okay logic! make an album about it for godsakes.) i also dont really care.

i care to the extent of “i will do all my work dont you worry baby” but i cant really find it in me to care about anything else. i mean i care about taylor swift and the fatal five.. but thats pretty much it.

i just think sophomore year is weird for everyone. its not a bad time.. but its not a particular good one either? you hit the tenth grade and you finally think you’re actually “in the highschool” now. dont worry.. you’re not. yeah, you’re not the puny freshmen anymore! you’re just a slightly taller time to lose my virginity and see how many nudes i can get in a day type grade. no! one! cares!

socially, i was fine. like i said before, im a b type kind of guy you know? i’m ‘friends’ (more like the class clown that gets invited to parties but never goes because i don’t want to see your juul) with almost everyone and im good with that. i would rather be friendly all of high school then being trapped in a big group of kids in my grade and hope i dont talk shit about the girl who slept with two of the guys within the groups. dont worry sweetie im cheering you on because the fact that you managed to do that in high school and not get pregnant is pretty impressive. i love you and i hope you prosper. 

academically, this is probably going to be the last year where i can be like LOL LMAO LOL LMAO LOL LMAO LOL LMAO LOL LMAO LOL LMAO i mean it sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

if you’re entering sophomore year this upcoming one just remember that it literally doesn’t matter what that one girl is wearing in your math class. it doesn’t matter if her shoes are dirty. no one cares about that… at all. so get over yourself freshie or else you’re going to be stuck in this rut for the rest of your life thinking everything matters when that girl probably doesn’t care about you and is thankful to even have shoes. also! shoes are meant to get dirty! so stop caring what others are doing and wearing. worry about that 47 in your biology class.

new-to-being-sophomores should also take note that having a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school is stupid. if you think that its a ginormous deal that you didnt get your long lost lover in freshmen year.. whew do i get news for you buddy!

tenth grade is also the year you finally get to see the better perspective of things. freshmen are trying to get out of that middle school phase and failing helplessly. sophomore year is when you realize the only person you should be worrying about is yourself. those friends you had in freshmen year are probably not going to last! thats okay too because i assure you, those friends you make in sophomore year let you see how dumb your grade actually is.

tenth grade is also the last year life is finally like okay lets give them a break they probably dont deserve the third year of eighth grade. life just gets a lot better. if you are somehow still in your my life sucks and everything i do is awful and everyone hates me and i cant believe that bitch had the audacity to talk about me lets talk about her now phase by tenth grade.. please go to a junior or senior friend so they can tell you to get it together, slap you, and tell you to stop acting like a middle schooler.

if you’re done with sophomore year or maybe even an adult, i dare you to reflect on anything in that year and tell me if you remember any of it. i cant even remember march.

sophomore year goes by extremely fast. dont worry about colleges yet baby! thats next year anyways, just enjoy life! also spend time with your parents because you may have thought that was lame a couple years ago, but now its cool. you and your mom have fun intellectual conversations and she doesn’t hate hanging out with you anymore! (i mean she only hated hanging out with you before because somehow everything went back to you and how you were feeling. talking about abortion? somehow that goes right back to how you were feeling in second period because someone gave you a dirty look.)

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aye third post on saving the world cause they call me smokin oken baby.

welcome back, we’re all going to die part three. i have talked about plastic and pollution, now i’m here to talk about climate change! it’s real and as soon as you hm i don’t know wake up and realize that it snowed in arizona..the world will be a better place.

now, i’m not sure if you fellas know where arizona is, but it’s not up north where we have to wear double jackets.. instead its the complete opposite! so judging by that sentence right there, maybe.. just maybe we should open our eyes and see that we are so screwed. like so so so so screwed. 

the polar ice caps literally melted. almost all of them are gone and the polar bears that used to be quite fond of their ice caps now have to adapt to the sun all the time. ice bergs have gone missing, its snowing in the wrong places, its snowing in the right places at the wrong time, one day it’s thirty degrees the next it’s ninety.

but no! nothing’s wrong! in fact climate change is just one big conspiracy brought on by us! that’s right it’s not real! haha see you guys in hell in 2020 when the world melts!

please please please wake up. become aware of whats going on. notice the change, even if you think its small i promise you its big to the air we breathe and the animals we see. this is so important and the fact that our president doesn’t care/doesn’t believe in it is insane. the world is melting fast and freezing weirdly.

the movies such as the day after tomorrow and 2012 have been warning us for awhile. if we don’t do something now, we’re not going to be here later.

this goes right back to recycling more and caring more about what you eat and consume and what goes into the atmosphere even if it isn’t needed. it’s time we wake up and realize that this isn’t going away. this is a seriously problem and that man in the office doesn’t have a say when the world should and shouldn’t reach its melting point. i am all for karma and getting harder and smarter in the nick of time, but please make that nick of time fast. i really do want a future for all those animals out there. we shouldn’t be doing this to them.

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think of the fish bro

please.. the ocean can’t handle this.

please, the ocean.. its too polluted. way too polluted. i love sharks and fishies because they’re just so cute! but if we keep doing this, betraying them.. things are going to go down hill. i know i talked about recycling and it’s importance, and it is super important to recycle cause plastic is bad for all animals.. but pollution, in the ocean, is quite literally.. killing me. 

i have always loved fish, they are probably the best part about life at the moment. yes, it was heart breaking when my fish would die (miss you milo), but i would just remember that there are literally a billion fish in the sea! however, if you can’t keep your nasty toxins somewhere else nemo finna die soon. 

plastic is still a huge problem with pollution in the ocean, but when i said people dump real chemicals in there.. they dump real chemicals in there. now, the fish have never ever wronged us or our habits.. all the ocean and the fish do was create the extra space after pangea broke up.. that wasn’t even their fault either because of the tectonic plates and the movement and i.. am getting off topic.

anyways, why do we abuse such a pretty place such as the ocean? we quite LITERALLY destroyed the great barrier reef from existence. almost all of its gone and that is for sure our fault. all the great barrier reef did was be a great wonder and pretty to us, but NO! we had to destroy it.. the disgust i feel..

i just miss all the pretty fish. we pollute so much water.. drinking water too! flint still doesn’t have decent water and we just nod our heads and smile. THEY CAN’T DRINK GOOD WATER! they don’t deserve that! we shouldn’t be doing this to the world!

when the world kills us all for being too polluted.. or when aliens abduct and in slave us for making the fish suffer.. i will be the one laughing and rolling in my grave cause i told and warned everyone, but not a soul listened to me! disgusting!

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are you RUDE?

so i guess you couldn’t keep the secret and told a homophobic monster! cute.

first and foremost if you are confused by the heading and the bold then i strongly suggest reading the part one to this piece. i talk about someone who couldn’t keep a secret of mine and everything will make more sense as to why i’m writing this.

part one: https://ollie.home.blog/2019/03/20/are-you-dumb/

have you or a loved one ever felt as though someone shouldn’t like someone? have you or a loved one ever gotten angry at two men holding hands in public? have you or a loved one been so bothered you age poorly? don’t worry! you suck.

if you said yes to any of the questions above then i strongly suggest on reading more about how to fix that small problem! i have three easy steps that your bothered little pea brains can follow!

1.) hey focus on yourself not those strangers of the same sex kissing! this is by far one of the easiest steps to follow! just don’t care! if you see them out in public don’t engage because they one hundred percent don’t care about the bananas you’re picking up! they more than likely didn’t even notice you were there and will never know you were there because remember, they don’t care about you! if you are still somehow bothered by same sex relationships in public places, then don’t go out in public! become like a vampire and stay inside all the time! the homosexuals won’t even notice you aren’t there!

2.) jesus said love everyone no matter what so you can’t say your father doesn’t accept it. jesus, your lord and savior (no not sheen), said to love everyone no matter what! so for you to use his testaments against gay people is kind of stupid and you look dumb so please sit down, we don’t want to hear it!

3.) you can’t plead ignorance. it’s a new world we’re living in and for you to say that people can’t love the same sex is extremely arrogant. your parents may have taught you that gay people are wrong, but obama said otherwise. gay king harry styles said treat people with kindness, so please ma’am, take it somewhere else! your ignorance isn’t tolerated anymore and you WILL be put on blast on the internet. also, you can’t say you didn’t know gay people we’re around you when you make homophobic remarks because someone is still bound to get offended! your act is up, sorry about it.

not really though!

those are all my helpful tips if you or a loved one is experiencing such a tragic point of view on life. i hope this helped and maybe opened your eyes to literally stop being homophobic! if you’re offended by this i really do not care, if you liked this.. follow me!

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are you DUMB?

got a secret, can you keep it?

recently, someone exposed something about me that i wasn’t ready for anyone to know about. i don’t think that was very fair. it should be my choice on who i decide to tell and let in on my personal life. it isn’t fair that someone would tell another person i’m gay, especially because i wasn’t ready for anyone to know about that part of my life yet.

of course this person had to tell the most homophobic person in our grade. i obviously won’t share names just for respect and the fact that they don’t know this blog exists and i don’t think they deserve to know. anyways, it really did make me uncomfortable so today i’ll be talking about one topic and on friday i’ll be talking about the second topic. basically, it’s going to be a two part post, but also one whole big post. you’ll get it. i need to move onto the main topic. ok bye.

the first topic is secret keeping. i really did trust this person especially because they had come out as bisexual earlier on in the school year. i told this person via snapchat and i guess they didn’t take it serious enough. they had told me two days before they told the other person that they thought i was “joking around” and i was like “every other female”. what? what does that even mean?

what’s not clicking? what wasn’t clear? did i not look gay enough? did i not put I AM A HOMOSEXUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on my body? i don’t understand! anyways, i told them that i am, in fact, extremely gay. i told them about my girlfriend and how i’m really happy in life right now! i also know for a fact i told them to not tell anyone. i told them to keep it on the down low. so why did you tell?

i’m very serious when it comes to secret keeping. i also like to think i’m good at keeping them. yes, i’ll always let those few silly ones slip that don’t matter to anyone and it didn’t harm their lives/who they are.

when they came to my desk to ask me about it i played dumb. obviously. i said i don’t know what you’re talking about! i just like rainbows! (i was wearing rainbow stickers). the person nodded and was going to forget about it, but no. the person i trusted started fighting me on it. they told me i’m like every other girl and say they’re gay because they think it’s funny. i was on the verge of tears at this point because that’s not your secret to tell.

once it was all over and we were silent again i texted them asking why they would say that. they said they thought everyone knew and that it was a common thing. i said no it’s not a known thing and i told you multiple times about how no one knows. they apologized profusely and said that it would never happen again! i was fine but then i remembered that they told my secret to the most homophobic person in the grade.

i didn’t know how to describe the panic i felt. especially because that’s scary. i don’t like my whole life being shared like other high schoolers. i love being the center of attention and having all eyes on me, but not for this. maybe for my grades or attendance or a really funny joke i told, but not for being outed to the whole school.

i guess that’s where i’m going to end topic one. topic two will be about, and yes you probably guessed it, homophobia! if you liked this post make sure to subscribe via your email or wordpress account. don’t forget to follow my socials down below! tune in friday!

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