women? having a choice? less likely than you think

disclaimer: i make a mention of sexual abuse and gun violence in this so if those topics trigger you in any way do click off. if you dont click off please know that these are my opinions and views if you disagree go stream ME! by taylor swift because i love her!

this is also one big jumbled up rant in which i angrily type and express my irritation and displeasure. sorry if this is somewhat unorganized, still give it a read though. thank you.

we are literally regressing backwards. 

if you haven’t been keeping up or haven’t noticed at all, woman’s rights are about to be completely taken away from us. i cant stress how IMPORTANT this topic is to so many women.

it started with every person that holds some form of power being a straight white old male. it then proceeded into rape isn’t actually rape and finally went to well i just dont think women should be allowed a choice in life. 

what? i didn’t understand at first thinking to myself how could you say something so so vile? until i realized that men are trying to shut women up. these men think that the unborn embryo matters more than a women’s choice in life. that somehow, that one egg that was impregnated by a sperm matters more to humanity than someone who doesn’t want to be pregnant to begin with. somehow, that unborn embryo has influenced the minds of white men in power so much that women don’t get a choice with what they do with their bodies.

we are regressing backwards. we are going back in time where women aren’t allowed to vote and have an opinion. they are trying to shut us up and lock us away. these men are trying to tell us what we can and cant do with OUR bodies and you know what? that’s not okay. you arent the one with the child in the stomach and you wouldn’t be the one pumping it of your vagina so shut up!

i know a lot of women are scared right now, me too! however, we need to keep speaking up and trying to make a change. planned parenthood had made a list of things to do if you so happen to get pregnant and you want to have an abortion and ill put that right here:

i would also like to add that if you take away our choice of abortion, if you take away our choice of anything and control our bodies.. we will fight back. you are telling women tat they are murderers for killing an unborn fetus. you are telling women that they are murdering a child.

also telling women that they should go to jail for having an abortion is mind blowing to me considering it doesn’t matter to you. you also can’t tell a women who has had a miscarriage she deserves jail time because in no way, shape, or form is that her fault. some women who really do want to have children and have a miscarriage will be devastated and go to prison. how sick of a human being do you have to be to agree to that law/make that law?

IF the child is concieved it would go unloved and uncared for in a foster home. it would treat itself as a mistake to society. you care so much about these unborn children, yet once they are born, they are forgotten about and just another child in the world.

well until the child gets shot in a school because you wont ban guns. you wont take away a weapon that is killing kids all the time. you wont take away a weapon that takes away a child who was living a life, was loved and was wanted there. guns also kill adults, toddlers, babies, old people, dogs for godsakes.. but somehow WOMEN are the murderers? 

also that in some states where these new abortion laws are coming to light; a lgbt couple who would LOVE to adopt a child can’t because adopting agencies can turn down that opportunity.

you are denying women a choice, you are denying lgbt families of a child, you are denying a gun ban. what’s next? going to deny our right to vote?

if you don’t have a vagina dont say anything because i dont want to hear it. you arent the one pumping out the child and you are CERTAINLY NOT the one getting impregnanted. go to hell.

that’s all i had to say today. if you disagree i don’t care. if you agree high five let’s get these women’s rights baby.

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One thought on “women? having a choice? less likely than you think

  1. I know right. It’s absolutely outrageous. I understand that abortion is killing a human that could do great things if it’s life isn’t ended, but if you were raped and got pregnant… why would you want to carry your rapists baby? It’s a sick law.


    Also did you see the meme/message/image about how the Germans fired 85 bullets in one year and the Americans fired 90 bullets into one teenager?! It’s shocking.


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