the billboard music awards were last night and purple and polka dots were the move

disclaimer: i know nothing about fashion so i’m walking in blind and so are you

…i’m also a little biased!

last night! big night for the music industry! it was the billboard music awards with many different stars taking home awards, such as bts, drake, ella mai, and many more. however, today i came to talk about my FAVORITE looks from the billboard music awards. as well as a few honorable mentions! this is no particular order because i’m not good with numbers, but first up is taylor swift!


i really like this look and i think it highlights and brings in the new era well! it’s fluffy and cute and it makes you want to kiss her cheek and give her a cookie! she departed from the snakes and put on some stars and pink highlights in her hair! i love you taylor!


L O V E this look. it’s so simple and yet gives off that do not mess with me vibe. i love her heels and the leather jacket that was a lighter black than the base. i love it so much and her hair is so pretty!


i like the different patterns. now i don’t mind when bands don’t match as long as they can pull it off, but this was different! i like how it somewhat represents them as an individual rather than “the jonas brothers are in blue tonight.” it’s a nice kind of different.


i don’t really like kpop and i don’t know much about bts, but i loved this look. i like how its all black and white but with different styles mixed in.. i couldn’t not put this in.. especially since i’m a sucker for polka dots.


i love yellow! and i love this outfit! it showed the perfect amount of skin without being too revealing (however, if she wants to show skin she can SHOW SKIN! we don’t shame here). i like the little diamonds that accent the outfit, overall it was so pretty and it made me smile. except when she did that weird tongue thing with her husband.. i- didn’t- i was uncomfortable…


listen, i ike detail and simple things. this suit is nothing else, but that. it has such simple gold lining that i couldn’t not love it. it was so classy and not over the top where you’re just kinda like… okay? bring back bts girl. it’s perfect.

there are so many more looks i could talk about, but those were my top ones. i saw a lot of hot messes.. yes james charles i am in fact looking at you, please get off the carpet we don’t want it sir. 

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here are some great photos from last night!

here are some haunting and scary photos from last night! 


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