i’m back at school


i don’t mind school, it appeals to the fact of i don’t have to think about my impending doom and depression. that’s really the only service it has to me. i mean yes, english classes probably matter to me because i want to be a journalist, but all this other stuff has no impact on me.

school is just a bump in the road to what i should be doing: living in new york with my best friends and making millions of dollars. that’s the lifestyle i would love to have.

i would thrive if i had that lifestyle.

school is just a gateway to self-centered kids who don’t care about anyone but themselves. this works out in my favor a lot. they don’t care about me, i don’t care about them, so we ignore each other and that horrible dye job they did to their hair.

i’m picking out classes for next year and i’m pretty ok about it, for now. next year i am allowed to leave early if i don’t have to retake any classes, so i will be leaving halfway through the school day next year.

i’m going to take college composition next year and i mean, that’s exciting. that’s all that is interesting about my school life.

i made a now deleted post about being involved in school, but that’s social stuff, if you don’t show up to school i don’t really care. i mean, if my parents weren’t my parents, then i would never be at school.

it just makes me so anxious. i like to crack jokes in my class constantly to mask my pain, but other than that school is nothing to me.

i miss christmas break. it was so much fun. i played minecraft for ten hours straight and i got a lot of xbox achievements. that was the best part of my break.

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