send me your money and i’ll give you three wishes for 2019

since when was fergie fired from dick clark’s rockin new year’s eve???????

i hope everyone had a great new year! here’s to 2019!

i wanna die.

seriously, how has the world not ended yet? we are two thousand and nineteen years in and somehow we survived three predictions of the world ending in the past year? insane.

i miss when everyone was speculating if the world would end on april 18th. that was so fun. the conspiracy theories and the thought of not being alive anymore really resonated with me.

sorry i’m so dead inside, this is the only way i cope with it.

sometimes, i tend to think about if the world would end. would we feel anything? or would we go to bed and it would just kind’ve be the end?

i mean we survived y2k and december 21st 2012, i guess we can survive anything.

the world is literally overheating in the wrong places, america is imploding, 95% of the ocean still isn’t found, and steve jobs is still dead.

i had no idea steve jobs died up until a good friend of mine told me??

i just think that we thrive off the non-existent so much, that we feel it becoming a reality.

thanos isn’t going to wipe us out yet, please calm down.

people sometimes grab this stuff from literally anything. nothing will happen, no warning signs or anything, nothing that could show us that hey the world literally might end tomorrow and you can’t see anyone again, want some whisky? it’s just out of thin air.

i mean april 18th was kind’ve surrounded by aliens and people dying, but like, the theory that we were all going to die in september..? girl where did this come from?

some of them do make some valid and cute little cases, but a lunatic could be walking down the street and a fox news reporter will go up to them like: “what’s going to happen tomorrow??” and you’re telling me, that if the guy said “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE TOMORROW, EVERYTHING YOU LOVE WILL BE GONE, NOTHING WILL BE HERE, WE WILL BE WIPED OUT COMPLETELY!!!” we would just believe them???

can’t wait for the twitter threads.

but, it’s fun watching people go insane over it. it really is. i mean, i of course, get a little scared, but when nothing happens i’m just kind’ve “well, what was i expecting?”

i guess that’s all i had to say. happy new year’s and merry christmas. this is my year folks i’m calling it. 2019 is ollie’s year!

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